InnoSIF™ is a sophisticated tool aiding the SIL assessment by making complicated process simplified, yet realistic and flexible based on data optimization concept.

Users can customize any data to reflect a real-life plant based on their experience.

The ambiguous risk assessment will be eliminated by Smart risk matrix and/or Bow-tie modeling upon user’s preference. With the flexibility of SIF design developed by InnoSIF™, there are no complex systems that cannot be evaluated.



Smart Risk Matrix is customisable tool for developing risk criteria. it can be set to any sizes by combination of rows and columns from 1X1 up to 8X8.

Three (3) aspects of consequence; personnel safety, environment and economic will be aligned into one matrix via acceptable/tolerable criteria as user's safety policy, and then Smart matrix will automatically transform the criteria to be SIL level and Risk Reduction Factor (RRF).






Bow-tie model is a famous risk assessment technique. It can develop a hazard scenario in graphical and take account of the Layer of Protection analysis (LOPA) technique for detailing the consequence severity evaluation.

In Bow-tie modelling, a user can develop production loss equation (PLE) which is a good practice to make an assumption of the economic impact on the hazardous event. The PLE can be built one or more cases depending on the production loss scenario specific on the evaluated plant.


SIF design concept of InnoSIF™ is more flexible to develop a complex SIF.

To simplify process of design, InnoSIF™ provides user-friendly interface to build a complete SIF design in one page.

The subsystem configuration can be developed using Fault Tree Analysis modelling (FTA), which helps users demonstrate their design in graphical.


Support Features for SIS Designer





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